Adorable Family photoshoot in Paris

A family photoshoot in Paris. We love meeting people randomly, especially if it’s in a Paris Cafe that’s playing jazz. While we past time waiting for our flight back to Mauritius, we decided to grab a cheese & meat platter and a few glasses of red wine. Walking in the rain in Paris we saw this cozy french cafe and we parked our wet souls in this welcoming bistro. After a while we made conversation with this lovely lady and her 9 years old son while we tucked into our red wine and french cheese.

Nathalie and Arthur were very friendly, her son enjoyed my husband’s accent British accent and we loved the boy’s lovely eyes. While my husband and Arthur talked about England and football, Nathalie and I discussed our love for different cultures. In no time, I proposed them a little photoshoot with me.

I am sharing what we did in this mini session, despite the rain, cold and the soon to be departing planes and trains we had to catch. I think the results were worth it.


I love how Arthur is connected to his mother. This boy is being raised by a loving mother.

They quickly became comfortable in front of my camera, while I direct them to be themselves and embrace the mum and son love.

Arthur was lovely during this quick shoot. I love his portraits.

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