Mauritius Infographic

To celebrate Mauritius reopening its borders in September 2021 we are sharing this Mauritius infographic made by Square Face Design. Download this or read this on your flight to Mauritius and you can surprise the locals or your family with your general knowledge about Mauritius. Please check out our work if you are need or a photographer & videographer for your elopement, honeymoon, engagement or destination wedding. We provide enticing wedding packages for your dream beach wedding in paradise.

  • Mauritius Population: 1,266 Million (2021)
  • Size: 2,040 km²
  • Majority are Hindus.
  • Major Languages: Creole, French & English.
  • Independence from UK: 1968
  • Ocean: Indian Ocean
  • Located in the the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Continent: Africa.

Updated 2022 Version Coming Soon:

Mauritius Infographic 2021 Infographic for the country of Mauritius in Africa / Copyright Square Face Design

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