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Artisan Coffee is the Best Coffeeshop in Mauritius

Artisan Coffee is a popular coffee shop chain based in Mauritius. As of writing it has 27 locations throughout the island of Mauritius. While shopping in Plaisance Mall I visited one of their outlets on the island, in the city of Rose Belle, in the south. 

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Styled like an American Coffeeshop or European Cafe, it’s a perfect hangout for locals, homesick expats and tourists needing a coffee hit. My only slight criticism is the lack of comfortable chairs, but that minor quibble aside Artisan Coffee certainly fills a big gap that was missing in the Mauritian market. 

When it comes to the coffee Artisan Coffee certainly doesn’t disappoint, it clearly knows what people want and it definitely delivers. I went for a flat white with a croissant deal, which cost a reasonable Rs 100. For those who like to work or study in a cafe, you’ll be happy to know that they have free WiFi for customers.

Artisan Coffee Mauritius Story

Artisan Coffee was founded in the early 2000s, with the goal of providing quality coffee and food to customers in Mauritius. The company’s founders recognised the growing demand for specialty coffee and sought to provide a high-end coffee experience to customers on the island.

Over the years, Artisan Coffee has expanded to multiple locations throughout Mauritius, becoming one of the most popular coffee chains on the island. The company has continued to innovate and evolve its menu, adding new coffee drinks and food options to appeal to a wider range of customers.

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Artisan Coffee is known for its strong commitment to the local community, with a focus on sourcing ingredients and products from local farmers and businesses. The company also supports local charitable organisations and initiatives, further solidifying its place as a trusted and respected member of the community.

Today, Artisan Coffee is one of the most recognised coffee chains in Mauritius, known for its quality coffee, food, and service. The company continues to grow and expand, with plans to open new locations and introduce new products and services in the future. 

“"I have never been a morning person. But with coffee, all things are possible."

Artisan Coffee

Artisan Coffee Rose Belle

A Short History of Coffee

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The history of coffee dates back over a thousand years to the ancient kingdoms of Ethiopia. It is believed that coffee was first discovered in the region around the 9th century, when a shepherd noticed that his goats were more energetic after eating the bright red berries of a nearby bush.

From Ethiopia, the coffee plant spread to neighboring regions, eventually reaching the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th century. There, coffee quickly became popular and was soon being traded and consumed throughout the Arab world.

In the 16th century, coffee reached Europe, where it was initially met with skepticism and resistance. However, it quickly gained popularity and became a staple drink in cafes and coffeehouses, which became important centers of social and intellectual activity.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee was introduced to the Americas, where it was grown in the Caribbean and South America. Today, coffee is one of the world’s most widely traded commodities, with millions of people around the world relying on it as a source of income and a daily staple.

The history of coffee is a story of discovery, trade, and global cultural exchange, reflecting the interconnectedness of the world and the impact that a simple drink can have on society.

The History of Coffee in Mauritius

Coffee was introduced to Mauritius during the French colonial period in the 18th century. The French saw the island’s fertile land and suitable climate as ideal for coffee cultivation, and they began to establish coffee plantations throughout the island. The coffee industry in Mauritius quickly grew, and by the mid-19th century, Mauritius was one of the world’s leading producers of coffee.

During this time, coffee plantations covered large areas of the island, and coffee was a major export crop for Mauritius. However, the industry began to decline in the late 19th century due to a number of factors, including competition from other coffee-producing countries and the emergence of other crops, such as sugar cane, which were more profitable.

Despite the decline of the coffee industry in Mauritius, coffee remains an important part of the island’s culture and cuisine. Today, coffee is grown on a smaller scale, and some local coffee producers have focused on producing high-quality, specialty coffee that is prized by coffee connoisseurs.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the history and heritage of coffee in Mauritius, and efforts have been made to preserve and promote the island’s coffee culture. For example, the annual “Mauritius Coffee Festival” celebrates the island’s coffee heritage and promotes local coffee producers. Additionally, there are several coffee tours and tastings available for visitors to the island who are interested in learning more about Mauritius’ coffee history and culture

Best Cafes in Mauritius

Here is a list of some amazing coffeeshops located throughout Mauritius that we love. We might see you there.

  • Chelsea’s Cup n’ Cake: Located in the heart of Curepipe, in Arcade Currimjee,  Chelsea’s Cup n’ Cake is a popular spot for coffee and cake lovers alike in Mauritius. They offer a variety of cakes and also serve pastries and light bites.
  • Kuumba Coffee Black River: Located in Black River, this cafe is an amazing little gem on the west coast of Mauritius. Kuumba is a cozy cafe that serves up some tasty breakfast food and cake. Not to mention that the coffee they serve is possibly the best on the island.
  • Cafe LUX*: With several locations throughout Mauritius, Cafe LUX* is a well-known name in the local coffee scene. They source their coffee beans from all over the world and roast them in-house for a truly artisanal experience.

In Popular Culture

Movies /  TV Shows:

  • Coffee & Cigarettes (2003)
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum,
    Episode: Coffee (2020)
  • Black Gold (2006)

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