Mauritius Location

Where is Mauritius Located?

Where is Mauritius Located

Where is Mauritius? Mauritius is an Island in the Indian Ocean, located off the south east coast of Africa. Approximately 704 miles east of Madagascar and 140 miles east of Reunion. It’s closest to the Island of Reunion, which is an island administered by France. So technically it’s closest to France.

This most likely the first question anyone will ask if they are visiting Mauritius. Usually it’s only geography geeks or locals that will know the answer. If you say you are off to Mauritius the usual responses are: it’s it in Asia? Is it near India? Is in the Indian Ocean somewhere? Is that in the Caribbean? 

Don’t worry it’s not easy place to pinpoint on the map, let alone see it on the map. It’s as remote as you can get and by anyones standard it’s in the middle of nowhere. So to answer the question? Mauritius is wherever you want it to be. The most important thing is that you visit Mauritius enjoy it and comeback again.

Facts about mauritius

  • Official Name: Republic of Mauritius / République de Maurice
  • Other Names: Maurice (French) Moris (Mauritian Creole)
  • Population: 1.26 Million (2022 est)
  • Area: 2,040 km²
  • Capital: Port Louis
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
  • Continent: Africa
  • Language: English (Official) French, Creole.
  • Religions: Hindu (48.5%) Christian (32.71%) Muslim (17.3%) Other (1.45%)
  • Independence from UK: 1968
  • Driving Side: Left
  • Calling Code: +230
  • Emergency number: 999 or 112
  • International Airport: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport
  • Music of Mauritius: Sega
Flag of Mauritius

Flag of Mauritius 1968-Present

Coat of Arms of Mauritius

Coat of Arms of Mauritius

Quick History of Mauritius

10th century , Arab Discoveries Island is known to the Moors, who choose not to settle the island.

1507-1513, Portuguese Discoveries Portuguese sailors come across the island. The islands of Mauritius and Reunion where name the Mascarene islands after the Portuguese navigator Pedro Mascarenhas.

1638 -1710, Dutch Mauritius The Dutch claim the island, naming it after Prince Maurice van Nassau.

1710-1810, Isle de France The French take possession, establishing a sugar industry based on slave labour.

1810-1968, British Mauritius The British conquer the island. Abolition of slavery sees thousands of indentured labourers recruited, mainly from India.

1968 – The island declares independence.

1992 – Mauritius becomes a republic.

Things to do in Mauritius

Mauritius Top Sights

Chamarel Waterfall

Chamarel Waterfall is 100m high waterfall, surrounded by dense vegetation.

Black River Gorges National Park Mauritius

Black River Gorge National Park

Black River Gorges is a National park in south-western Mauritius.

Flic en Flac Beach

Flic en Flac Beach

Flic en Flac is a narrow long beach. situated on the west coast of the Island.

Seven Coloured Earths Chamarel

Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark

The seven Coloured Earths are a geological formation found near Chamarel.

Is Mauritius Safe?

Mauritius is extremely safe and welcoming country. But like any country in the world it is not crime free. Do not walk around alone at night, as there are  lots of wild dogs on the island. Keep your valuables safe like you would at home. Like any country in the world as long as you are sensible and act in a kind and respectful way towards the locals, your trip will be hassle free. 

How long is a direct flight to Mauritius?

Reunion to Mauritius 45m
Rodrigues 1h 30m
Antananarivo 1h 45m
Seychelles 2h 30m
Nairobi 4h 15m
Cape Town 5h 15m
Mumbai 6h
Dubai 6h 45m
Kuala Lumper 7h
Perth 8h 30m
Hong Kong 10h
Paris to Mauritius 11h 15m
London to Mauritius 12h

These are the current routes that Air Mauritius are serving. 

Airlines that fly Direct to Mauritius

  • Air Mauritius (National Carrier)
  • British Airways (London)
  • Emirates (Dubai)
  • Kenya Airways (Nairobi)
  • Turkish Airlines (Istanbul)
  • Air Austral (Reunion)
  • South African Airways (Johannesburg)
  • Austrian (Vienna)

Flights routes can change at anytime please check for latest information.

Infographic of Mauritius

Do you want a handy infographic to show off your knowledge about Mauritius. Print or download the infographic below. 

Music of Mauritius

Mauritius Sega

Sega music is the national music of Mauritius. It originates from the slave populations of Mauritius and Réunion and later spread to the Seychelles.

If you fancy a deeper dive in Mauritian music then this Spotify playlist by Rocky will help you get into the island vibes.

What are Mauritians listening to?

Want to know what Mauritians are listening to? The top 100 songs played in Mauritius, updated by Apple every day.

Top 100 Songs Mauritius

Best Street Food to Try in Mauritius

Gateau Piment being made in Mauritius

The true Mauritian culinary experience is to be found by eating the local street food, so don’t be afraid to get out there and sample the Mauritian cuisine. Here are some of my favourite dishes.

Dholl Puri – It is flatbread made with with yellow split peas and seasoned with turmeric and cumin. It is served with various different topping like Cari Gros Pois (butter bean curry) or Rougaille (spicy Creole tomato sauce)

A good place to try it is Dewa & Sons which have outlets in Rose Hill, Curepipe, Bagatelle, Quatre Bornes and Port Louis. Open 6.30am to 4pm.

Gateaux Piment (Chilli Fritters) – Another street food favourite. Gateaux Piment ball made from yellow spilt peas, cumin, chilli, Coriander and cooked in oil.

Haleem / Halim – This is one of my personal favourites dish that originates from the Middle East and India. It’s a lamb and lentil stew made with ginger, garlic, herbs and spices. It’s part stew part soup, dip some bread in it for a perfect heart warming quick snack.

Gateaux Banane (Banana Fritters) – While not uniquely Mauritian, it’s still an amazing snack to have on the beach.

Roti – Another flatbread street food favourite, similar to Dholl Puri, but very different in taste. Often served with the same curries as Dholl Puri. Try eating Roti with any Mauritian curry.

Mine Bouilli / Mine Frite – Mine Bouilli is a boiled noodle dish with either chicken, lamb or vegetables. It is often topped with an egg and garnished with spring onions. Mine Frite is more or less the same but just made with fried noddles.

Boulettes – These are dumplings are made with chayoti often mixed with pork, chicken and served in a broth. Some of the best Boulettes are to be found in China-Town, Port Louis.

Other dishes to try – Mauritian Biryani, Samosas and various other fritters.

Travelling Around Mauritius

By Bus
Taking the bus in Mauritius is certainly a fun way to get around the island. You can pretty much get anywhere by bus in Mauritius, but be aware that buses generally run from 5.30am to 8pm in urban areas of the island. It’s best to take express bus routes if you can over the regular buses, as these are much faster and air conditioned. Some of the main bus hubs are Port Louis, Curepipe, Central Flacq and Mahebourg. 

Buses are a very economically and environmentally friendly way to travel around Mauritius. Another plus is you might strike up a conversation with locals.

Light Rail Transit System / Mauritius Tram

Mauritius Metro Express is light rail rail transit system that runs between Port Louis and Cupipe. The aim of the tram is to connect five major cities in Mauritius (Curepipe, Vacoas-Phoenix, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes and Port Louis. There are more potential extensions in the pipeline.

Ticket information can be found on the Mauritius Metro Express website.


Taxi is the one of easiest ways of travelling around the island. Always negotiate your fares before you get in a taxi. Please be aware that some taxi drivers get commission by taking you to certain shops. 

Shared taxis service some of the more popular routes on the island and charge a bit more than buses do. Ask you hotel for more information.


Exploring Mauritius by bicycle is not for the faint hearted, as the roads are very narrow and congested. Le Morne Peninsula is the best place for cyclists, as there is very little to no traffic.

Car Hire

Hiring a car in Mauritius is fairly cheap and you can find some good deals online. There are some independent local companies that offer cheap deals if you book in advanced. Some good car rental options are Pingouin Car Rental and Mauhire. 

When is the best time to visit Mauritius?

Weather in Mauritius

Mauritius has two main seasons summer and winter. Summer is very hot and humid and winter is cooler and drier. The best time to visit Mauritius is between October and December when the weather hot and sunny. But this will change depending on who you ask. Mauritius is an island of different microclimates and different parts of the island experience different weather. But one thing you can guarantee is that Mauritius is warm all year around. 

The tourist season peaks between October and April. The low season is from May to September.

Summer (October – April)
Some of the warmest months are January, February and March with daily temperatures often hitting the plus 30°C degree mark.

Winter (May – September)
While winter in Mauritius is still warm and pleasant, it still can get a little chilly. It is best pack a light jumper or fleece for those chilly days and nights. Temperatures hover around the 25°C  degree mark.

Mauritius Guidebook

Lonely Planet’s Mauritius, Réunion & the Seychelles Travel Guide:

  • Highlights and itineraries.
  • Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots
  • Honest review for all budgets – eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems.

Best Apps for Mauritius

Hungry dodo

Best app for ordering food in Mauritius. With the Hungry Dodo you can search for restaurants nearby by address, by cuisine type, browse the menu of the chosen restaurant, order food for delivery with just a few taps.


If hiking is your thing, then look no further than this app. There are around 21 trails in Mauritius listed on the app. Make sure you take plenty of water. Happy Hiking.

Best sim card for Mauritius

Emtel Mauritius

Emtel tourist pack

Emtel have this excellent SIM card (valid for 30 days) aimed at tourists who want lots of data:
Price Rs 750
Airtime Rs 200
Data 200 GB

FAQ about Mauritius

In my experience vaccines for healthy adults are not strictly necessary, but please make an appointment with your doctor to get their advice. If you are planning on camping or trekking then a rabies vaccine might be beneficial. As there are a lot of stray dogs that may have rabies.

Vaccines to consider: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tentanus, Typhoid.

Please check the NHS website for the latest advice:

Mauritius currently is Malaria free, but make sure you check the status of the country you might be transiting through.

Citizens of the UK, America, EU, Australia and South Africa do not need a visa to enter Mauritius. On arrival you will get a stamp in your passport for 60 days.

It is generally frowned upon for women to sunbath topless in Mauritius. There are no nudist beaches in Mauritius.

In Mauritius the consumption of Alcohol in public places is prohibited. But many people still drink on the beach and elsewhere.

Loose Tobacco and rolling paper are illegal in Mauritius.

Please check the website below for a more exhaustive list on banned items.

Most hotels are gay friendly. But please be aware that Mauritius is a still largely a conservative country and while homosexuality is not outlawed you may still face discrimination on the island, so discretion is advised.

In 2018 the annual LGBT Pride march in Port Louis was disrupted by a large demonstration that stopped it from going ahead.

This is not to say that you cannot have a good time on the island if you are LGBT, but it’s is good to be aware of local customs and beliefs. Mauritius is a constantly evolving country, so this might change in the future.

Mauritius has a had three non-fatal shark attacks in the last fifty years. Luckily Mauritius is protected by a coral reef, which stops sharks from getting to the beach.

This is not the case in the nearby island of Reunion, which is a hotspot for shark attacks. There have been 9 fatalities since 2011. So please be aware if you are planning on visiting the Island of Reunion.

There is always a risk of a cyclone hitting the island during the cyclone season (November to April). Most of the time Mauritius is hit by the tail end of cyclones, which bring heavy rain and windy conditions.

If a class 3 or above cyclone hits the island directly you are not allowed outside and your holiday could be severely effected. Most holidays to Mauritius are cyclone free, but it’s best to be aware that they do happen.

Check the Mauritius Meteorological Services website for updates and warnings.

Wildlife in Mauritius

Mauritius Flying Fox

Mauritius Flying FOx

A species of fruit bat that is endemic to Mauritius and La Réunion. It is classified as an endangered species.

Mauritius Ornate Day Gecko

Mauritius Ornate Day Gecko

A species of gecko that mainly inhabits the warmer parts of Mauritius.

Mauritius Pink Pigeon

Pink Pigeon

A species of pigeon that is endemic to the island. 1991 there were only 10 birds left in the wild. The population is now under 500.

Mauritius Kestrel

Mauritius kestrel

Another example of a species brought back from the brink. In 1974 there were only 4 birds left and by 2019 there were 400.

Please donate to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

The Dodo

It’s odd that the Dodo has become the emblem of the island, as around the world and in popular culture the Dodo is seen as a symbol of extinction and something outdated. The Dodo achieved widespread fame for its role in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll.

Sketch the Dodo from Alice in Wonderland

The Dodo is famous for two idioms used in the English language:

  • As Dead as a Dodo
    Not to be important or popular any longer. Very much out of date.
  • Gone the way of the Dodo
    To go extinct or become obsolete; to fall out of common practice or use; to become a thing of the past.

On the Island of Rodrigues the was another extinct flightless bird called the Rodrigues solitaire, albeit nowhere near as famous as the Dodo, which is closely related to the Dodo.

Useful Websites

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA).

Official Mauritian Government Website

Latest UK Government travel advice for Mauritius.

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