Sega Mauritius 2023

A Vibrant Night of Sega Celebrating Alain Ramanisum

A night of Sega celebrating the last 30 years of one of Mauritius’ most popular singers and I was blown way by the good vibes and passionate dancing.

By George Richardson
Published 9th January 2023

Last night I went to my first Sega concert in Mauritius and I was blown away by the good vibes and passionate dancing. The concert based at J & J auditorium in Phoenix, was packed with passionate Sega fans, swaying and clapping the night away. Although it was a seated concert, the crowd soon stood and moved their hips well into the balmy Mauritius night.

Growing up in the UK the word “Sega’ meant the Sega Mega Drive console and Sonic the Hedgehog, but to Mauritians the word ‘Sega’  has a different meaning. While to most outsiders it may seem like a bit of fun, Sega music is actually has deep roots in Mauritius’ dark colonial past. Much like the Blues in America, Sega is a protest against slavery and the inhumane conditions they were forced to live in. Sega dancers plant and drag their feet on the ground to symbolise the chaining of their ancestors feet. 

The concert was a photographers’ dream with the vibrant colours of the dresses worn by the Sega Dancers, who twirled all night long. The singers held the audience in the palm of their hands as they sung Sega in the local Creole language. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Sega sounds like, but I would describe it as a fusion of African and European folk music. With a heavy lean towards African styles, it certainly deserves it place in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

The night was a celebration of Alain’s 30 years in Mauritian Music. Featuring musicians such as his wife Laura Beg, Bruno Mooken, Caroline Jodhun, La Nikita, Jason Lejuste, Julien Verloppe, Warren Permal, Telex, Sega Nu Zanset, Basco Echos Des Zil, Big, Jah Mike, Valo, Kenny Conscious, Le Son Cassiya Roots

What is Sega Music?

Sega is a popular musical genre from the islands of Mauritius and Reunion. Originating from the slave populations of Mauritius and Reunion. Now the national music of Mauritius. 

Sega gained popularity 1964 when Mauritian musician Ti Frère groundbreaking performance at The Night of Sega, propelled the music into the national consciousness. Since then Sega has become the most popular musical forms on the islands and delights tourists and locals alike.

The origins of Sega from outside of Mauritius are not well documented. But it is believed to have Afro-Malagasy roots and to be a fusion of African and European music.

A Brief History of Sega Music

Sega Mauritius

30 Year Celebration (30 Ans Vie Musikal) of Alain Ramanisum was at the J & J Auditorium in Phoenix. Tickets were booked through 

Alain Ramanisum taking a selfie with the crowd.

Sega Music Tracklist

  • Alain Ramanisum – Li Tourner
  • Alain Ramanisum – Prisonnier
  • Laura Beg – Tik Tike
  • Zulu – La métisse (feat Mario Ramsamy)
  • Tousse Sali – Mr. Love and system R
  • Kaya – Simé la Limière
  • Kaya – Lam sacrifice
  • Cassiya – Reve Nou Ancetres
  • Nancy Derougere – Pot Pourri
  • Médérice – Medle Lambians Mauricien
  • Benjam – Medley l’ambiance Kréol
  • Missty – Vilain Manière
  • Dominique Barret – Mon Coeur épris
  • PLL – Dansé
  • Mootia – Elijah & Linzy Bacbotte
  • Sky to Be – Dodo Baba
  • Sky to Be – Ti Kote ti Kote
  • Alain Ramanisum – Bat Sega
  • Sky to Be – Billet 2000
  • Clarel Armelle – Medley Clarel
  • Ras Natty Baby – Rastafari
  • Ti Frere – Roseda
  • Michel Legris – Mo Capitaine
  • Michel Legris -Dalma Dalma
  • Médérice & Warren Permal – Gaté
  • Clara – Ambiance kréol
  • Missty – Medley Peï
  • Cassiya – Ici Kot Nou Ete
  • Frico Labelle – Lekonomie
Playlist ‘Sega Mauricien’ coming soon to Spotify.
Thank you for reading my blog about Mauritian Sega music. Please support local artists by buying their music.


Seggae is a fusion of Sega and Reggae. It was created by the late musician Kaya. A name which he adopted after being exposed to Bob Marley and Jamaican Reggae. After this he began experimenting mixing Jamaican reggae with Mauritian Sega. He died in suspicious circumstances whilst in police custody in 1999, after being arrested for smoking marijuana at a concert. His death caused widespread rioting and outrage across Mauritius.

Kaya Seggae

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